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Cindy Gulla - Biodata Cindy JKT48 Profile

Cindy JKT48 Complete Profile and Biodata

Cindy V PoseBirth Name : Cindy Gulla
Nick Name : Candy
D.O.B. : May 29, 1997
Birth Place : Jakarta
Height : 149 cm
Horoscope : Gemini
Blood Type : O
Jikoushokai [Introductory Greetings] : "Hi my name is Cindy ~ such as sugar, brighten your day ~ my name CindyGulla!"
About Her : I'm one of JKT48 members, I pack up trouble, throw it in a bag, and SMILE!!

This baby faced sweet girl is really lovable and talk-active. Making new friends, experience and knowledge, she fights her way to become an idol asJKT48 member.

About Cindy Gulla JKT48 Fact, Fakta.

Cindy Gulla BeautifulReligion : Christian
Favorite Color : Red
Favorite Food : Shrimp
Favorite Sport : Running, Swimming
Favorite Subject : Math, English Language
Hobby and Likes : Dancing, Smile, Hang out, Swimming, Singing
Instrument : Guitar, Piano
Doll : Angry Birds, Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Cartoon : Spongebob Squarepants
~ Her ambition is to become doctor
~ She is fluent in mandarin
~ She had attended extracurricular Drum Band as cabaret
~ She was the first child of 2 kids
~ Cindy did not like it at Petai and Tomatoes
~ If fruit, Cindy did not like it at Soursop fruit and Avocados


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